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UK Telematics Online is all about VEHICLE TRACKING and VEHICLE TELEMATICS This website provides visitors with an independent and impartial source of free information, tips & advice.  The aim of which is to help you to make better buying decisions and then to effectively implement your chosen  GPS TRACKING and TELEMATICS product.

Incidentally, If you’re an employee concerned about the introduction of a GPS Vehicle Tracking System where you work and you’re worried about the potential for management to invade your privacy, or how vehicle tracking could impinge on your human rights, please read the section Your Right to Privacy  or Employee & Human Rights Legislation.

In addition to information about Vehicle Tracking, UK Telematics Online provides visitors with straightforward explanations regarding Trailer Trackers, GPS, Satellite Navigation, Mobile Data and RFID.  Use the navigation menu on the left or at the foot of the page to reach impartial information about all these topics.

Every few years a new technology appears that changes forever the way people communicate and do business with each other. GPS VEHICLE TRACKING SYSTEMS came about from the evolution of Personal Computing, Mobile Telecommunications, the GPS Global Positioning System and the Internet. These all converged to form a new technology; VEHICLE TELEMATICS.

The more general topic of Telematics can cover many areas.  However, VEHICLE TELEMATICS can be defined as;  “The use of computers and telecommunications to enhance the functionality, productivity and security of both vehicles and drivers.” A prominent part of many Telematics solutions is VEHICLE TRACKING also referred to as FLEET MANAGEMENT, GPS Tracking, Satellite Tracking or as a Satellite Tracker.  All of these terms generally relate to the content found on UK Telematics Online.

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Typical VEHICLE TRACKING SYSTEMS are comprised of two core parts; a GPS Location Tracking device and some user software. The GPS Location Device is most often hardwire installed in the Car, Van or Lorry (Truck).  The device is connected to the ignition switch, battery and antennae. The Location Device for a Fleet Management solution uses GPS  to pinpoint its precise location and then location updates are transmitted  at  a regular timed interval or after an event trigger, e.g. ignition on / off.  In the past the location updates were transmitted by many systems by SMS (Short Message Service).  However, this was often prohibitively expensive for real time tracking.  The advent of GPRS, provided providers with a Mobile Data solution which could be bundled at a fixed monthly charge to enable cost effective Real Time Tracking.

This GPS TRACKING data is made available for viewing (more often than not with many of the telematics and tracking solutions sold today) via a website.  Accessed over the internet, fleet activity can be viewed live or historically using digital maps and reports.  Alternatively, GPS TRACKING Software can be installed or downloaded via the internet for use locally on a company computer network.  The Graphical User Interface (GUI) page layout  templates will be installed on the computer, but the Vehicle Tracking Data is still downloaded via the Internet.  In the past mapping was also installed locally as dial-up connections couldn’t cope with large map files.  However, today, due to faster Broadband connections, detailed mapping is often downloaded from the web.

VEHICLE TELEMATICS Systems are often configured to transmit GPS LOCATION Data at a set update rate or when an event triggers the unit to transmit data.  Automatic Vehicle Location or AVL generally refers to Telematics Systems which update regularly at 1 minute, 2 minute or 5 minute intervals, whilst the ignition status is on.  Users requiring more detailed location plotting, can now see “Snail-trails” generated through turn-by-turn heading change location updates.

Telematics Service Providers have also been keen to show that TELEMATICS is more than just FLEET TRACKING.


  The advent of combined two way messaging and  satellite navigation products means Fleet Managers can now choose to do more than simply track and locate a vehicle or fleet of vehicles.

Using Connected Navigation solutions, fleet managers and job dispatchers can utilise Tracking and Location, then transmit and receive job messages to and from drivers, while enabling the driver to calculate the journey route and automatically send back the time of arrival to the office. This can lead to more jobs completed per day, reduced journey times, fuel savings and improved customer satisfaction.

When used in a commercial environment VEHICLE TELEMATICS and GPS TRACKER Systems can be a powerful and valuable tool to improve the efficiency of an organisation. The fleet activity can be analysed and decisions taken based upon actual information, not guesswork.  Key Performance Indicators including, journey times, fuel economy and drivers hours, can be improved.

The challenge is finding the right GPS LOCATION and Telematics system and then using the information it provides to ensure the maximum benefit is returned against investment.

As GPS FLEET LOCATION and Telematics technology has developed and it’s use becomes more widespread, an ever increasing number and variety of Vehicle Tracking systems are available to small business users.  Understanding the technology behind these products and knowing what benefits they can deliver, while being wary of some of the potential pitfalls will save money an aid implementation.


  • Vehicle Tracking is the technology of tracking the movements and/or status of a vehicle or fleet of vehicles, through the use of a GPS TRACKING device, typically equipped with a GPS Locator and GPRS modem, which is fitted in the vehicle.  GPS Tracking software is then used to view the data, available as a PC or Web based mapping and reporting application.


  • HGV Trailer Tracking is the technology of tracking the movements and position of an articulated vehicle’s trailer unit, through the use of a tracking and location unit fitted to the trailer and a method of returning the position data via mobile communication network or geostationary satellite communications, for use though either PC or Web based software.


  • As Telematics and GPS TRACKING providers try to diversify their product offering, solutions are now encompassing fuel saving technology.  The typical car, commercial vehicle or HGV Heavy Goods Vehicle built in recent years, now comes equipped as standard with on board engine diagnostics. This information can be accessed via after market products which capture data directly from the vehicles’ communications network.  This communications network (CANbus) passes information around the vehicle connecting all the elements of the vehicle; engine performance, fuel usage, diagnostics etc., various  elements of which can be captured and then transmitted off board the vehicle to be analysed by the user.
  • Being able to show the driver that they are over revving, not using cruise control enough, driving to fast, not being efficient in their use of gears etc., can lead to improved fuel economy and reduced vehicle emissions. In addition to driving performance monitoring, providers are beginning to offer ECU remapping to optimise the performance of the vehicle.  When combined with ability to monitor vehicle performance and driver behaviour, ECU remapping is promoted as leading to fuel economy savings of up to 10%.


  • GPS Satellite Navigation technology uses a GPS and electronic mapping tool to enable the user to locate a position, then route plan and navigate a  journey.


  • The use of wireless data communications using radio waves to send and receive real time computer data to, from and between devices used by field based personnel.


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In addition to information about Vehicle Tracking, UK Telematics Online provides visitors with straightforward explanations regarding Trailer Trackers, GPS, Satellite Navigation, Mobile Data and RFID.  Use the navigation menu on the left or at the foot of the page to reach impartial information about all these topics.


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